Getting charged for any crime can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Contact Sacramento criminal lawyer Richard Dudek  for consultation today.

What should you do if you are ever arrested?

The first thing is to stay calm and obey all of the police officer’s instructions – even if you feel that you have done nothing wrong and that the arrest is unlawful. You don’t need to have actually committed a crime to be arrested; the officer needs to have only probable cause to arrest you. And the penalty for resisting arrest can be much more serious than that for the charge on which you were arrested originally.

A more practical reason for cooperating with the police officer’s instructions is that by resisting arrest, you run the risk of being seriously hurt or killed by the police officer. The place to challenge the police officer’s authority to arrest you is in a court of law, not on a street corner or in a dark alley.

After you have been arrested, volunteer nothing. The only information you should give is your personal information: name, address, telephone number, and the like. You have the right to remain silent, so use it. If the police read you your Miranda rights and then start questioning you, insist on having a criminal defense attorney present before answering any questions. Your right to have a criminal lawyer present during questioning is your best protection when you are arrested, so take advantage of it. If you can’t afford one, tell the police, and request that one be appointed for you immediately. Until you’ve talked to a lawyer, refuse all attempts by the police to ask “just a few routine questions.”

Don’t be persuaded into making a confession in return for the police officer’s promise to do everything he or she can for you. Only the district attorney’s office can make deals. Also, don’t talk to your cellmates of anyone else about the specifics of the incident. Nothing in the law prohibits the district attorney from calling your cellmates to the witness stand to testify that you admitted committing the crime, especially if your cellmate is promised a lighter sentence if he or she cooperates with the district attorney’s office.

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Getting charged for any crime can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that there are defenses you can take so all hope is not lost. With over a decade of experience with the Sacramento courts, Law Offices of Richard Dudek advocates for your interests regardless of the crime. The Law Offices of Richard Dudek offers comprehensive criminal defense from the beginning of your case through the final appeal. Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Richard Dudek is certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Contact us online or by telephone at (916) 444-7595 to arrange a personal consultation with Richard Dudek today.

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