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There are many possible defenses when a regulatory licensing board has filed an accusation against a professional license holder. One of the more common defenses is that the factual allegations lodged against the licensee are untrue.

Although this type of defense may seem obvious in a California professional license defense case, not every professional license accusation can or should be defended in this manner. If a skilled and knowledgeable professional license defense attorney decides to use this defense, the professional license defense lawyer should be ready to take all the necessary steps available to illuminate the facts that show the client did not violate the state licensing board’s rules, codes or regulations. The license defense attorney should immediately begin to sculpt out the known facts in order to show that the allegations against the professional license holder are just plain false.


At the Law Offices of Alin Cintean we are ready to thoroughly and zealously investigate all claims made by the regulating board. This is done to quickly determine if the licensing agency possesses any evidence required to show the professional license holder violated the regulatory agency’s codes of conduct. Experienced Sacramento professional license defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean knows that just because a licensing agency brings forth allegations, it does not mean the agency will be able to prove that the allegations are true. The allegations must be carefully compared to the existing codes and regulations. Many accusations will fall apart when the evidence is viewed in light of all the rules of evidence as well as subjected to rigorous cross-examination.

The professional license defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to the evidentiary hearings and the many rules of evidence involved. They know how to best use the rules so as to best benefit the client, a professional license holder. Knowledge of the evidence rules is essential during a hearing in showing that a violation of any state licensing agency’s rules or regulations did not occur. Having an experienced professional license defense attorney is important in ensuring the professional license holder gets a fair administrative hearing and a just resolution. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean have participated in countless evidentiary hearings and have spent years honing their skills in the art of introducing and refuting pieces of evidence through careful examination and cross examination.

Professional License Defense Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Alin Cintean we understand that losing a professional license can have devastating effects. Whether you are a medical doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse or the holder of another professional license, we understand the importance of providing the best license defense possible. The attorneys strive to achieve the best possible result so that you can put any allegations behind and move on practicing the professional that you chose and love.

California Professional License Defense Hearings

The state of California regulates a tremendous number of professions, from physicians, surgeons, and registered nurses to dentists, dental hygienists and pharmacists. If you already practice, or intend to practice, a profession that is regulated professions by California, you need a license, certification, or registration from at least one of California’s over 35 licensing or review boards, bureaus, or committees, many of which operate under the umbrella of the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

As its name implies, the purpose of these boards within the DCA is to protect consumers from harm that comes from utilizing the services of people within these regulated professions. Consequently, when consumers believe that they have been seriously harmed—either through incompetence or intentional wrongdoing—they can lodge a complaint with the appropriate board, which then has the power to determine whether adverse action is warranted against the licensee—up to and including revoking the license or certification. In short, these California licensing boards have the power over whether you can earn your living.

Typically, anyone practicing these professions can end up in an adversarial position to these regulatory agencies in one of two situations:

  1. appealing the denial of a license; or
  2. defending against a disciplinary action.

You may retain the services of legal counsel for these hearings, and, in many situations, retaining legal counsel is essential. Not only do professional license defense attorneys understand the legal standards and processes involved, but administrative hearings, while seemingly more “informal” than court procedures, are in fact critical: the facts established in an administrative hearing create the entire record upon which disciplinary action is based, even in any subsequent court proceedings.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean understand the administrative process, and can help you to defend your professional license.

Depending on your situation, once an Accusation is filed, it may take anywhere from a few months to over a year to get your licensing matter resolved, even if you wish to settle. It is in your best interest to place your defense in the hands of a competent, experienced license defense attorney, so that you can have as much peace of mind as possible as you navigate through this stressful process.

If you are a California state-licensed professional practicing anywhere in the state of California and you are facing disciplinary action from a state board, contact the professional license defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean for free consultation. California’s licensing boards, committees, and bureaus have the power to prevent you from practicing your profession; don’t risk your livelihood and your future by failing to consult a qualified professional license defense attorney.

Sacramento professional license defense lawyer Alin Cintean can help you defend your license before any California state board, from the initial complaint all the way to administrative resolution, or for any subsequent appeals through the agency itself or in the California court system. Call our Sacramento office at (916) 441-3500 or use the inquiry form here on our website to schedule your consultation.


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