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As soon as someone turns 18, they are considered an adult with privileges such as being able to vote, enter into contracts, get married and have “freedom”. However, everything up until 18, they are considered minors and are under the care of a parent or parental guardian, which also means any legal implications they may get caught up in.

The California juvenile court process begins with an arrest. If the incident is not that serious, law enforcement may just give the minor a warning and let them go. But if the matter is serious, they will take the minor to juvenile hall and as a parent you want to make sure you defend and protect your child so make sure to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento at the Law Offices of Alin Cintean who can help guide you through the process.

The goal of the juvenile court system is rehabilitation and to protect the child’s record so they are not affected in the future by their mistakes. However, keep in mind, once the child turns 18, the whole system is different.

For example, if a 17 year old decides to “TP” a friend or a neighbor’s house and they get caught, the parents will most likely be made aware of it but will not be charged with trespassing and/or vandalism. If that person did that act when he/she was 18 years of age, there is a possibility that he or she will be charged with trespassing and/or vandalism.

If your child ends up at juvenile hall it is important to stay calm as it may turn out that your child won’t be there for too long.

The probation officer will interview your child and will either send your child home with a citation to come back to court at a later date; send your child home with a probation program that does not require coming back to court or decide to keep your child in juvenile hall until a judge can look at the case. If the judge finds your child guilty, the sentence will be based on the severity of the offense, any past criminal record, along with other considerations.

In the best case, the judge will send the minor home with probation conditions such as going to school, keeping a curfew, attending counseling, doing community service, and making restitution to the victim. It is beneficial to have a criminal defense lawyer by your side to guide you through the juvenile court process in order to ensure your child is viewed in a positive light for his or her future.

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