Criminal Defense Lawyer in Sacramento

If You Are Facing Federal Drug Charges, You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Sacramento With Experience Handling Drug Crime Defense Work In Federal Court

Many of the activities involving the production, sale, possession, or use of illicit drugs violate both state and federal criminal law. However, some activities violate only either a state law or a federal law.

For example, in California, despite statewide propositions that have sought to legalize marijuana use for medical purposes, federal law still prohibits the manufacture, sale, and possession of marijuana. Accordingly, individuals who believe they may conduct certain marijuana-related activities in California with impunity are mistaken, and may be surprised to find themselves arrested and charged by federal authorities. This is just one example where, when state and federal laws differ, a defendant may find himself or herself charged with a federal rather than state drug crime. Continue reading “FEDERAL DRUG CHARGES”