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Being falsely accused of child abuse can ruin lives and professional careers.

Publicized events have highlighted situations in which authorities failed to protect children by not intervening fast enough. Unfortunately for the accused this now often means that the authorities will act first and ask questions later. More often than not child abuse allegations start with a complaint to law enforcement filed by someone outside the home. Often charges of child abuse or child endangerment arise after a complaint started by a “mandated reporter.” A mandated reporter in the child abuse context can be a teacher, a caretaker, a pediatric nurse or other professional who has regular contact with children in the course of their work. The law imposes on people within such professions the duty to report suspected physical abuse, sexual abuse or any other type of abuse or evidence of neglect. For the purposes of fulfilling the mandated reporting laws, abuse is typically suspected when the child seems to have suffered physical injury other than in an accidental way, has injuries or has other signs of a condition resulting from abuse or neglect. Such conditions may include sexual molestation, physical exploitation, and even malnutrition. Continue reading “CHILD ABUSE”